Improve the look and feel of the hair and scalp, plus eliminate unsafe and unhealthy chemicals that traditional shampoo leave behind! During the detox process,  your hair and scalp will be shedding itself of the build up from all of the products you have previously used. Help your hair free itself from all the plastic & toxic chemicals that have built up over time with Lovely Six, Shake It Up Hair Cleanse & Detox. 

Shake It Up Hair Cleansing and Detox

  • It can take 4-6 weeks, for your scalp and hair to adjust when transitioning to a natural shampoo. At first your hair may feel sticky, heavy, matted, greasy, oily or tangled. The main reason traditional shampoo is packed with harsh chemicals that strip the hair and scalp from natural oils resulting in dry, splitting hair strands and flaky, itchy scalp. Depending on the condition of the hair and scalp it is common to have one or multiple side effects. When using natural Hair Soap, remember Less is Best! Natural shampoo DO NOT lather up the same way your old shampoo did!